Apr 3, 2009

Google to buy Twitter ?

A semi-flash news has dropped to my mailbox a minute ago.

According to a Techcrunch post Google is in talk with Twitter, and the price tag is said to be around 250 million dollars.

In my honest opinion it is a bit low if compared to Facebook deals.
As Google executives also stated Twitter holds the best real time search and Google does not hold a reliable tool in this field.

Google was becoming a bit "old school" compared to Twitter. Even Android was not enough of an innovation to be called "new business". Simply because it was a "follower".
But twitter possess an image that is attracting more and more people with the perception of "I am trendy".
Brands also has fame, and Google's fame is quickly diminishing. Nowadays a celebrity tweeting becomes a news just like people googling was a news 9-10 years ago.

Google entries:
Twitter entries: This is the first :)

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