Nov 20, 2008


1. Mobile marketing is expensive You need to use a calculator. Have you heard of CPM? Mobile marketing has the highest ROI amongst all media. Mobile marketing let’s you know exactly who you’ll reach, and who has returned.

2. It’s a chaos to choose the right mobile media
You can always create your own mobile application, your own mobile web site and you are always free to choose which gsm operator/carrier to use. You can even use more than one operator. I don’t think being free to choose means chaos.
3. I cannot reach all of my customer segments via mobile.
Those days are gone. Today number of mobile devices is more than twice of standart pstn phones. You just have to reach every segment with different campaigns and different techniques. .
4. Mobile marketing is a new spam method.
Working with a certificated mobile marketing agency and only using a permitted data base will differentiate your company from the spammers. If you create an interactivity you will never be recognized as a spammer.
5.Mobile marketing should only be very small part of my marketing communications budget.
If you go on thinking like that your competitors that are using every inch of mobile marketing will create a huge competitive advantage one way or another. My 1st and the 3rd comments shows you what to do. You need create different mobile marketing projects for every segment of your customers. Mobile marketing is the closest thing to one to one marketing.
6. I don’t miss anything by not using mobile marketing
All of the FMCG companies, Automotive companies, Banks, Food & Beverage companies, Fashion and Clothing brands use mobile marketing one way or another. Once you blink you’ll lose a market share.
7. Mobile Marketing only boosts awareness nothing else…
Awareness is almost everything.
But by the help of mobile marketing you can,
Ø increase your sales (announcing the incentives via mobile media)
Ø establish a loyalty program (one msisdn –phone number- means your identity, once you reach your customers phone you will know how to impress them and make them loyal to your services.)
Ø You can position your brand by choosing an exact segment of people and by using word of mouth techniques attached to your mobile marketing project.
Ø You can design surveys, and can measure everything related to your customers via SMS, MMS, Wap-Push, Mobile sites, Cell broadcasting etc.
Ø You can gather a permission based marketing database. You can update it by reaching them via mobile media.
Ø You can directly sell through mobile channels. You can use mobile payment methods.