Jul 22, 2011

Connecting IPAD-Wifi to 3G network with Nokia phones: Joiku

Since I do not consider myself as a geek, I did not even try to connect my ipad-wifi to the internet via any other way then a wifi. And since Apple-lovers only care about the features of iphone, they promoted the hotspot (or tethering) feature of iphone so bad that I thought only with an iphone you would be able to use a 3G network to connect ipad-wifi to the internet.
Geez, how wrong I was !!!
Today I was doing my annual OVI store visit at my Nokia E72, and look what I found: JoikuSpot Premium.

It is a small miracle for me. I have done nothing other than installing it and pushing the "yes" button to create a wifi hotspot which is usable with my ipad-wifi.
You can define an encrypt key not to let everyone use your wifi hotspot and you can track your uploads-downloads not to receive a bad surprise at your GSM bill.
After my small discovery now I really do not understand the need to pay more to buy an ipad-3g. And now I hope some of you would tweet this and let others learn that they do not need extra 100 bucks to use 3G on ipad !!!