20 Jun 2008

some ideas - from Jay Handler

Automotive Sales: "Text DODGE to 55555 to download your $13,000 Digital Discount off a new Dodge Ram Truck"...Customer gets automated response including his Digital Discount, we email the cell phone number to the dealership for instant follow-up call, and we database the cell phone number for later use in marketing efforts.

Pizza Delivery: "Want to win a free pizza from Jay's Pizza? Text SLICE to 55555 to enter!"...Customer is entered into monthly random drawings and receives coupons and special offers via text messaging, store owner can use database to send out in-store specials with incredible time-sensitivity (store is slow, send out special 2-hour deal).

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16 Jun 2008

Dark side of the mo.. mobile marketing

• Unwanted calls.
• Recorded advertising voice mails.
• SMS ads that ring your phone.
• MMS ads that ring your phone.
• E-mail ads.
• Advertiser-supported software and services.
• Web pages that force you to view an ad before you can see the page.
• Location-based advertising -- you'll walk by a store, and it will ring your phone to tell you about a sale.
• Viral videos.
• Text, e-mail or Web-based ads that encourage you to "click to call."
• Search ads tailored for phones.

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