Mar 17, 2009

iphone 3.0 announced

What are the main features coming with 3.0:

  • Copy-Cut-Paste by double tapping the text.

  • Copy-Paste pictures (if we can paste them to the e-mail it would be wonderful)

  • Search feature in all apps, and special search function in the calendar, mail and ipod

  • Using 3G ipod as modem for the laptops (data plans will be affected imo)

  • Landscape keyboard in mail, SMS, Notes (imitating Storm I guess)

  • MMS (MNO's will love this)

  • Bluetooth (used for two apps:Exchanging files between devices and car audio stere connection)

  • Shake and shuffle music (I cannot see the point??)

  • New safari security tools

  • Voice memo

  • p2p - not with bluetooth with Wi-Fi hardwares

  • browse friends' ipod

  • Navigation apps


  • VOIP

Will be free to all iphone users and for $9,95 to ipod touch users

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