Oct 13, 2015

Pepsico thinks she found the solution for mobile marketing: PEPSI P1 Smartphone

Pepsi tries harder than enough to find a new route for marketing; they are about to launch a smartphone of their own: P1. As reports leak, on the 20th of October a smartphone with the name of Pepsi P1 will be launched with a price tag of 200 USD, probably with Pepsi apps that could not be deleted. It will not be a conspiracy to think that these phones will be tracked by Pepsi for marketing purposes. And we can easily say as tech costs continue to come down, devices will eventually become incentives for marketing oriented fmcg companies.

When you read the news you can easily notice that almost everyone is surprised by Pepsi's new smartphone P1:
Wait, is this for real?
Pepsi (Yes, the Soda Company) Will Sell İts Own Android Phone
Seriously, There İs a Pepsi Smartphone Coming Our Way
Prefer Pepsi over Coke? Good news: the Pepsi P1 smartphone is about to go on sale in China:

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