Dec 12, 2014

2014 3rd Quarter Telecom market data for Turkey

Telecom institution has revealed Turkish Electronics Data for 3rd Quarter of 2014.

* Turkcell has clearly become the #1 telecom company in Turkey.
* PSTN usage keeps declining and there are 12.741.947 fixed lines subscribers as of 2014 3rd Q.* Arpu numbers are stable at around 23 Turkish liras.
* Text message usage (both for commercial use and individual use) keeps increasing and reached 177 billion with a 128% increase in 6 years.
* Mobile Penetration is around 93% as of September 2014
* Number of simcard embedded machines has reached to 2.4 million by September. 100% increase since 2012
* Turk Telecom is enroute to its lowest investment year. In 2013 total investments of Turk Telecom was 1.37 billion. Through 9 months it is 428 million Turkish Liras.
* TTNET is still owns more than half of the ISP market, and more than 65% of the broadband market.

Turkish version is here:
Unfortunately English version will be launched a few weeks after the Turkish. (2nd Q English version is here:

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