26 Nov 2013

Security and privacy issues on NFC enabled phones and credit cards

According to plans of GSM operators, in a year or two everyone would be using NFC enabled cellphones and they would be able to define several credit cards on them. NFC feature will either be provided by the device manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and others or GSM operators will have to produce their own Rfid enabled smart simcards. How ever it will be, there will certainly be more security and privacy concerns all over.
Discussions over the location tracking feature of mobile devices are just getting started and tempers will rise more after more and more people sue operators and device manufacturers. 
But this is only a beginning and soon banks would be looking to track their credit card users via applications uploaded on NFC enabled phones. If you do not read the terms on your credit card agreement well enough, you might be signing a permission to be tracked.

The other and the bigger risk is the hacking of RFID enabled smart simcards. For hackers that is a dream come true; they will not need to hack your computer or your mobile device. All they have to do is to use an RFID reader and develop a simple programme to hack your RFID card. Watch how easy it is:

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