21 Nov 2013


For us who cannot write, code or develop anything, there are still options to create our own simple application. But please do not expect anything complicated, since most of them are simple mobile site builders.

Lets start with the free ones. (But of course your app will be fully loaded with ads :)

- Conduit Mobile: simple content management, easy monetization and social integration. Here is a demo of their service: http://youtu.be/mKMrD6k_33o
Mobile site is free, but if you'd like your app to be submitted to ios-android and windows you need to pay 39$/month. http://mobilecp.conduit.com

- ibuildapp: They have their own appstore/marketplace and if you do not need your app to be submitted to itunes or google play you don't have to pay anything. But your app will carry an "ibuildapp" brand name on it. http://ibuildapp.com/
If you'd like to white label it and sell it on the itunes or google play you have to pay 29$/month. Here is a demo video: http://youtu.be/c7zlbgqHOSc

- Infinite Monkey: Just like the others this one does not need any coding background as well.. If you'd like to earn money by selling your application you need to pay 99$/month and you need to submit your app yourself. For 9 dollars they submit it for you, but the app has to be free to install... (their web page does not look trustworthy enough!)
Infinte Monkey has also acquired Appmakr, another app builder for non coders.

- GameSalad: Lots of free features, but if you'd like to go pro you have to pay 299$ !! It is specialized in games and it has more professional usability.

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