Jun 6, 2012

Consumer Smartphone Usage - Analysys Mason

  • One in five smartphone users on the panel did not use any cellular data
  • Nearly one million apps are available worldwide, average of only 32.6 ‘add-on’ apps are used
  • Of these apps, nearly half were used only once.
  • The number of apps used was three times lower on BlackBerry and Symbian devices, than on Android or iOS ones
  • YouTube is the most widely used video app on smartphones, but usage of Netflix app is on average 10 times longer
  •  80% of the top 10% of heaviest data users owned an iPhone
  • There is a 80% social networking penetration
  • 47% of people used some sort of IM or OTT service during the observation period. And almost half of those people used WhatsApp Messenger.

Link: http://www.analysysmason.com/About-Us/News/Insight/Consumer-smartphone-usage-May2012/ 

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