9 Jan 2012

Microsoft at 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES): Keynote

Steve Ballmer and his team has finished their keynote at CES 2012 a few hours ago, here is the video link:


Windows Phone: these features do not give the shivers until they come to iphone in 5 or 6 years. In other words Microsoft is doing a good job by leading the way for Apple and Apple is perfecting all the products and features in a few years. (BTW the presentation by the WindowsMobile guy was a disaster)

- HTC Titan 2 has a 16 mp camera (wow!!)
- Nokia Lumia 710 is being launched tomorrow in US for T-Mobile customers. And Nokia Lumia 900 (4g-LTE) which has 4.3 inch amoled will be launched in a few months for AT&T customers.
- Steve Ballmer has presented Laptops built for Windows 7; Sony, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and HP which was really odd.

- Tami Reller (CMO) did not let the product (Windows 8) talk itself, but tried to sell it, which was really a low point for a presentation.

- The way Windows 8 uses the "notifications" is similar to IOS and other mobile operating systems, which is cool and better.

- She told that "Metro style apps" are being built since September and will be sold at Windows store starting by February. I am not sure how many apps are being developed at the moment, her voice was not convincing enough :) But at least Cut the rope of Zapto Labs is ready for $1.49
- Tami Reller kept saying "Apps" and "Store" which reminds "apple" and Ios to everyone..
- It was interesting to see one of the most popular ios apps "icookbook", on Tami's screen.

- there are 66 million xbox owners, 40 million subscribers
- Your voice is your new remote control. (I hope it would work as good as they have shown)
- With new TV agreements Xbox could be called VODBox now.
- Kinect is coming to Windows on FEbruary 1st.

Steve talked about Sync, Skype and Bing at the of the keynote.

Steve Ballmer Las Vegas CES 2012 Keynote konuşmacısıydı, video linki:

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